Future Think Tank

We at Barrett Dynamics Ltd, are a think tank consultancy set out to push the boundaries of traditional research and development, by taking a unique and outside of the box approach.

Our Vison

We make it simple and accessible for people to do what is right but haven’t been able to because it is expensive or difficult.


Energy Tech 

Make energy more efficient and accessible. 

Research and Development

Developing future technological solutions for a smarter and healthier future for all.


Providing consulting and advisory services in a wide range of sectors from health to energy

Abstract Shapes

“To be a leader in new energy technologies, because the future starts now ”

Manu Barrett
Managing Director


Find out more?

This year we are happy to announce that we have been selected to be part of the 2020 Kokiri Māori business accelerator programme. It’s a first of its kind – a business accelerator dedicated to speeding up the development of early-stage Māori businesses.

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254 Ohaupo Road, Glenview, Hamilton 3206